SKYLINE Hospital

Skyline Hospital: General hospital project, located in Dubai, UAE. With approximate area of 200,000 square meters, with 444 patient beds, Skyline hospital was operated by Canadian Specialist Hospital & Medical Center, which is considered one of the largest private hospitals in Dubai, and the home for significant number of specialized medical centers.


The scope was full MEP design for the electromechanical systems, including the following functions:

  1. Safety of patients is achieved in the MEP designs, by providing the proper air pressurization schemes in the operation theaters, intensive care rooms, and isolation rooms.
  2. Design of water systems and assurance of water quality to serve the dialysis equipment and other processes.
  3. Providing proper and reliable power network in terms of redundancy and continuity.
  4. Providing full MEP services to all medical equipment to ensure correct level of medical service is provided.
  5. Full Compliance with the authorities’ requirements.
  6. MEP spaces requirements and planning.



Dubai, UAE
Canadian Specialized Hospital