About Us


EMCC, an electromechanical engineering consulting company, offers clients an integrated approach toward the ever-increasing need for reliable project delivery systems. In-house expertise and the continuous recruitment of bright and innovative professionals enable us to meet the challenges of development with due consideration to environmental protection, social and economic characteristics of society. In close concert with clients, we have been able to consolidate factors that make the resultant project coincide with the client’s vision within the time frame and budget set out for implementation.


EMCC started its consulting services in Amman and extended the areas of its professional activities in accordance with the growth of its experience, and its human and financial resources. The company employs 15 qualified Engineers with different experiences and professions.


In EMCC, we follow an accurately devised process in order to provide a quality of service that surpasses expectations and manages to smoothen a contractor’s job. We believe in fulfilling high levels of sophistication and knowledge, applying latest technologies, complying with all local and international standards when delivering a project that best satisfies the client’s desires.


EMCC is committed to continuously improving its professional services to deliver excellence in engineering, to be bound by our commitment to our clients and to a sustainable world, and to be entrusted by our clients, while endeavoring to build opportunities for highly qualified professionals to best apply their know-how for the development and service of society with the highest levels of professional integrity and commitment.